Maintenance according to HACCP protocol


HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” and is a science-based hazard analysis and critical control point monitoring system used in the food industry to ensure food safety. The HACCP system helps identify hazards that can lead to foodborne illness and establishes Critical Control Points (CCPs) where hazards can be minimized or eliminated.

Maintenance according to the HACCP protocol refers to the process of performing periodic inspections and maintenance on facilities, equipment and other facilities to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the HACCP system and ensure food safety. This may include checking facilities and equipment for vermin, debris and other potential hazards.

Maintenance according to the HACCP protocol is important to ensure that all facilities and equipment are in a clean and safe condition and that all Critical Control Points (CCPs) of the HACCP system are effectively monitored. It is also important that all maintenance work is carefully planned and documented to ensure that all HACCP system requirements are met and that corrective action is taken where necessary.

If you have questions about HACCP protocol maintenance, it is best to contact a professional pest control company experienced in complying with HACCP requirements. You can also enlist the help of HACCP consultants who can help you implement and comply with an HACCP system in your company.

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