Insect control


Insects can appear in every household and are often a nuisance and sometimes (mostly) even a health hazard. They can damage food, trigger allergies or transmit diseases. Effective insect control is therefore important to keep the living environment clean and safe.

There are several ways to control insects such as chemical insecticides, mechanical barriers and biological control. The choice of the appropriate method depends on the type of insects and the extent of the problem.

In order to successfully carry out insect control, it is important to identify and eliminate the insect source (cause of infestation) to prevent future infections. Regular cleaning and tidying up can also help reduce the risk of insects in the home.

If you are unsure how to control insects in your home, we recommend that you consult a professional pest controller. These experts have the knowledge and equipment to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

You are also welcome to contact us for a free consultation.

Listed prices are minimums and averages! These prices serve as a rough estimate of the costs that you may incur. The actual price can only be determined more precisely in advance by discussion, description of the situation and the subsequent offer.

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